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About BNI

BNI is an organisation unlike any other – more effective and more successful than any other of its kind in the world. Its networking events in the Black Country are second to none.

BNI has created something very special; a format that goes way beyond simple business networking and all its limitations. It has created something special called: Referral Marketing – a unique structured format that helps BNI members seek, find and exchange new referrals for one another to create a limitless stream of new business.


The answer is: Givers Gain. BNI members believe that:

“If I give you business you will want to give me business.”

Each week BNI members come together to educate one another about each other’s businesses and the referrals they want.

If you’re looking to break out of the straightjacket that so often holds businesses back, then BNI is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Trades and Professions that you’ll find at BNI Black Country

What Can BNI Do For Me?

The answer is: everything! BNI can help you build a better business – not just in terms of growth but also efficiency. BNI’s unique approach can teach you how to build trust and credibility with other business professionals so they become confident enough to refer business to you on a regular basis.
You will also gain a wealth of practical advice from your fellow BNI members that will help you run your business more effectively, seize new opportunities and avoid hidden pitfalls.

Tangible Business Benefits

BNI keeps you at the top of your game with tangible benefits including:

  • Practical referral marketing training
  • New business communication skills
  • Imaginative networking techniques
  • Tactics to win more business referrals

The best way to learn more about BNI and how effective it can be for your business is to come and meet some of our members. We hold 3 of the best networking events in the Black Country every week If you really want to build your business, come and visit us without obligation.

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